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Virtual Sports Day 2020

Mr Booth's Introduction

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Welcome to Castle Hill's Virtual Sports Day 2020. The week beginning 6th July 2020.


This is an opportunity for your child to take part in a series of challenges and compete against other classes!


Our aim is to get as many children and parents to compete as possible!


See our videos and photographs of the challenges you can do at home. You can email them to your class teacher with a video, photograph or comment on how you did!


Good Luck

#1 Run Like Mo Farrah - - Walk, jog or run any distance you like and time yourself. Capture a screenshot of the time and distance, or send us a photo!

#2 Bottle Flip

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Try this bottle flipping challenge! You will need a bottle of water and a timer/watch. How many times can you flip the bottle and make it land on its bottom again in 30 seconds? Have as many goes as you like and enter your top score! The class with the greatest overall number of bottle flips in 30 seconds wins.

#3 Catch me if you can!

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How many times can you throw the ball against a wall and catch it in 30 seconds? Use a tennis ball, or even a football and try as many times as you like. Record your highest score, then email it in!

#4 Plank it up!

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Have a go at this plank challenge. How long can you last in a plank position? Post your time, the class with the longest combined time wins!

#5 Juggle like a jester

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For this challenge you will need 2 or 3 tennis balls, or rolled up socks. See how long you can juggle for without dropping a ball/sock. The class with the longest time added together wins!

#6 Push yourself

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How many press-ups can you complete in 30 seconds? You can either do a full press up, balancing on hands and toes, or else a half-press up by kneeling and pushing up with your arms. We’ll add the class total together.
Get cracking!

#7 Flick the tea bag

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In two minutes how many times can you flick the teabag off your foot into a mug. Challenge yourself by increasing the distance once you’ve done it. Can’t flick it off your foot? Try throwing it under-arm into the mug! Again we’ll add up those combined scores!

#8 Be Inspired


Go above and beyond by completing an activity / sport / workout of your choice. Send the details of your activity as a picture, video or written email to your class email address.


Good luck and well done for taking part!!