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Year Five

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Here is the link for you child to access Purple Mash from home: 

Here is a link to allow your child to access TT Rockstars at home:

Week beg: 18.05.20

It's me again my fab fives!! Please find below this weeks learning activities.  Stay safe guys and I'll see you all soon!  Keep having a go on TT Rockstars to practice those tables, and work through the Purple Mash SPAG units to help with your grammar!



I have found some website links for you to access and work through daily lessons both with your parents or independently.  This is in addition to the work set below just to keep you going and those brains expanding guys!!

The second one, bitesize daily lessons, is year group appropriate (just click on Year 5!) and changes one English, one Maths and one Science lesson every day!  My kids have given it a try and love it!!


* English -   

For your English task this week I would like you to write a set of instructions.  It could be for a model you have made, something you have baked or even a game you have played.  Remember to use fronted adverbials of time e.g First, Next, Then and also use imperative words like add, bend, chop, roll


See below for this weeks spellings and an activity


* Maths *New*

From now on we will be using Daily maths lessons from White Rose Hub Home learning units

By clicking on the link below for the Year 5 lessons, you will find the lessons for each week.

Each lesson comes with a tutorial and there are answers there for parents to check the results.

This week we will be focusing on WEEK BEG 18th May -


Click the link and then work through the lessons for this week (18th May)



* Science - Click the link and then the 'Food chains and Habitats' lessons (There are 5).  Do the last lesson, 5, this week.


* Topic - Lock down diary!!  Imagine this time next year being able to look back on the events that have happened and what you did?  Well now you can, with the Lock Down diary! Some examples of presentation, page titles/subjects and things to record are below, but you can present it any way you wish - be creative!   



* PE - Continue to try Joe wick's daily exercise. He lives streams at 9am every weekday

Take a walk, run, set up an SAQ type exercise area in your garden using sticks, ropes, slides, trampolines, balls, hoops - anything you can find!


* Reading - use the books we sent home with you, and basically, read ANYTHING you can!! Give it a go and see where it takes you!!


* Family time - Play board games, cards, watch films, read, do arts and craft, lego.  Play with younger or older brothers and sisters (even if they irritate you a tiny bit!!). 

Our Own Hindu drawings!

Following our Hindu temple visit, we were inspired to create our own Hindu drawings of significant Hindu Gods using pastels.  See if you can guess who these Gods are..!

Our Hindu Temple Visit


As part of our RE topic on Hinduism, we had an exciting opportunity to visit a Hindu temple.  Following an extremely long walk to the centre of Bolton, we went into the Mandir Hindu Temple and had a wonderful learning experience.  We were guided by Hirendra Patel, who told us about all of the amazing artifacts and decorations that we could see.  Check out our gallery of pictures below to see more..!Class sitting quietly during chanting

Journey to Jo'burg

Take a look at our fantastic display board about our English class read 'Journey to Jo'burg'.  We produced our own diary entries about Tiro and Nalidi, who were looking for their mother, Mma.

Extraordinary Ordsall Hall!!

As part of our topic on Tudors this half-term, Year 5 took a visit to Ordsall Hall in Salford.  Please take the time to look at some amazing photographs of the day and read some comments by the children...


'It was such an amazing place, I'd recommend it to anybody who wants to learn about Tudors.'



'I liked going into the attic to see where the servants slept.  It was cramped!'



'I loved the kitchen.  We saw animals hung up waiting to be cooked! It was gruesome.'


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Work from our topic on The World and classic literature, which we studied in English.

Work from our topic on The World and classic literature, which we studied in English. 1
Work from our topic on The World and classic literature, which we studied in English. 2