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Week 7 - 13.07.20


Good morning Reception,


You've made it, were now in our final week of school, only 5 more days to go!


This week your work is based on your transition to Y1 and you will be doing some writing that will help Mrs Vickers get to know you when you return to school in September. For your maths you will be learning how to 'count on' and will be practising doing simple addition. Like previous weeks printed packs are available to collect from the school office. Also don't forget, if you feel you need an extra challenge please take a look at the work set for Year 1 on their class page. 


Have a great last week of school and an even better summer, you deserve it!


Miss Sharpleslaugh


Week 6 - 06.07.20


Good morning Reception,


This week all of our learning is based on the topic of 'Down on the Farm' for writing and doubling for maths. Like previous weeks printed packs are available to collect from the school office. Also don't forget, if you feel you need an extra challenge please take a look at the work set for Year 1 on their class page. 


Only 2 more weeks to go, you've got this. Keep up the great work!!yes


We are also hosting a Castle Hill Virtual Sports Day which will be taking place all week from 06.07.20-10.07.20. You can find videos of all the different events under the 'Children'->'Virtual Sports Day 2020' tab at the top of the website.

You can participate by having a go at the challenges and sending your videos, pictures and timings to Good luck and enjoy taking part.


Miss Sharplesheart


Week 5 - 29.06.20


Good morning Reception,


This week our writing is based on the topic of 'Space' and we will be reading the story 'Whatever Next'. In maths we will be learning about sharing and halving. Like previous weeks printed packs are available to collect from the school office. Also don't forget, if you feel you need an extra challenge please take a look at the work set for Year 1 on their class page. 


Please email if you need any support or guidance (


Miss Sharplessmiley


Week 4 - 22.06.20


Hello Reception,


I hope you're all still safe and well and enjoying this time at home with your families. 


This week all of our learning is based on the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' for writing and 'Shape, space and measure' for maths. Like previous weeks printed packs are available to collect from the school office. Also don't forget, if you feel you need an extra challenge please take a look at the work set for Year 1 on their class page. 


Please email if you need any support or guidance (


I hope the sunshine comes back out for you, have a lovely week.


Miss Sharpleslaugh


Week 3 - 15.06.20


Hello everyone, 


This week all of our learning is based on the story 'The Gruffalo' for writing and '1 less than' for maths. Like previous weeks printed packs are available from the school office.


Please email if you need any support or guidance (


Have a lovely week.


Miss Sharplessmiley


Week 2 - 08.06.20


Good Morning,


This week all of our learning is based on the story 'Dear Zoo' for writing and '1 more than' for maths. It will follow the same structure as last week, with 3 activities a day.


*1 maths

*1 reading/phonics

*1 writing 

Packs can be collected from the school office outlining the activities and containing all the resources you will need. Alternatively you can try and replicate the work sheets at home if you are unable to collect.


I saw some fantastic work from lots of you last week, so please keep it up! Once you've completed a challenge with your child, why not take a picture of their worksheet and upload to Tapestry for us to see.


Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you need any help or advice.


I look forward to seeing how you get on with your learning this week.


Miss Sharplessmiley


Week 1 - 01.06.20


Hello, I hope you are all still keeping safe and well.


As you may already know, this week we are beginning our phased return back to school and with this in mind we are slightly altering the home learning that we set. The work set will be the same for those in school, as those that are remaining at home. If your child is returning to school, you will only need to complete the activities set on a Friday with them, as the rest will be done in school with us.


Each day the activities will be as follows:


*1 maths

*1 reading/phonics

*1 writing 


Packs will be available from school at the beginning of each week, these will outline the activities for each day and have printouts of any resources/worksheets that you require for that week. Don't panic if you are unable to collect the work packs, I have tried to make it so that most of the worksheets can be replicated at home with paper and a pen (also attached as documents below).


As a school we have decided that every year group will be working along the same theme/topic for writing, therefore if you feel your child needs extra challenge or needs work that is slightly easier in this area, you can access this through either Nursery or Year 1 class pages. However please email me at to confirm if this is appropriate for your child.


We are also kindly asking that you photograph any work that has been completed at home and add it to Tapestry. We would still love to see how those remaining at home are getting on as we miss them a lot!heart


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Miss Sharplessmiley



Week 10 - Hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here are your 5 challenges for this week:


#1 Maths - This week on White Rose Maths you need to access Summer Term - Week 6 and all the activities are based on the story 'The Snail and the Whale'. There are 5 activities, try and complete 1 a day (Link and story below).


#2 Ordering by height Ask your child to collect 3 of their favourite teddies. Talk to your child about the teddies that they have chosen e.g. their names, what they look like, why they are their favourite. Then discuss what the term 'height' means and ask your child to put the teddies in order of height from smallest to tallest, model and encourage your child to use the language. Challenge your child by adding more teddies.


#3 Buried treasure - Using the free website 'Phonics Play', allow your child to have a go at the game 'buried treasure'. Select either phase 2 or 3 depending on the sounds that your child knows. They will have to use their segmenting and blending skills to decide whether the word is a real word or a nonsense word and drag to the correct place.

Username: march20

Password: home


#4 Sock puppet - Using an old sock and bits of craft materials you may have lying around your house, make a sock puppet. Why not make two so that you and your child can put on your own little show and tell a story together.


#5 Bubble snake - Carefully cut the bottom of a plastic bottle off, cover the hole with a sock or loose piece of material and secure with an elastic band. Make a bubble solution in a bowl using water and washing up liquid. Dip the sock end of the bottle into the solution and blow through the lid of the bottle. Watch as your bubble snake appears, how long can you make your bubble snake?


Some dance videos have also been added to the school website under 'Children' -> 'Pe Videos', that your child can watch and try and learn the dances, enjoy!smiley

Buried treasure
Ordering by heigh
Sock puppet
Bubble snake

How to make a bubble snake

The Snail and the Whale


Please share this lovely video with your children to reassure them that, no matter where we are or what is happening in the world around them, their teachers and friends are always with them!heart

Week 9 - Hello you lovely lot, here are your 5 challenges for this week:


#1 Maths - This week on White Rose Maths you need to access Summer Term - Week 5 and all the activities are based on the story 'Superworm'. There are 5 activities, try and complete 1 a day (Link and story below).


#2 Scavenger hunt Set your child a challenge to find the things listed below on the 'Maths scavenger hunt' e.g. 'Find 2 pencils and 1 blue crayon. How many items do you have now?'. Once they have worked out the answer using the objects, help them to write it into a number sentence (2+1=3). When you've done, why not work with your child to make up some of your own questions.


#3 Let's get talking - Using the picture of the dragon and the children, talk to your child about what they can see and use the 'Question time!' questions as prompts to develop their communication and language and their imagination.


#4 Purple Mash - I have set two '2Dos' on Purple Mash, your child can choose which one they want to do (or do both). Either colour in the picture of the dragon and the knight or design and paint their own dragon. For inspiration take a look together on google for different images of dragons. If you can't remember your child's login details please email me at and I will get them for you.


#5 Memory game - Gather together a collection of objects from around the house, talk about what each of the objects are/what they are used for with your child, then hide them under a cloth. Remove an item, can your child identify the missing object?

Scavenger hunt
Let's get talking
Purple Mash
Memory game



Week 8 - Good morning Reception, I hope you are all safe and well. I'm missing you all lots!heart

Here are your 5 challenges for this week;


#1 Maths - This week on White Rose Maths you need to access Summer Term - Week 4 and all the activities are based on the story 'The Very Busy Spider'. There are 5 activities, try and complete 1 a day (Link and story below).


#2 Phonics musical statues Write the sounds from either set 1 or 2 onto small individual pieces of paper (as shown below) and spread them out, with lots of space in between, on the floor. Play some music to dance around to and when you stop the music your child has to freeze whilst you tell them a word from the list e.g. man. Then they have to segment the word, find the letters and put them in correct order e.g. m-a-n. Once they have done it, spread the cards out and start again. If they struggle to hear the sounds in the words you can break it up for them (m-a-n) and they just have to find the correct letters.


The next three challenges are based on the story 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. Before completing them you will need to either read the book or watch the short film version of it on BBC iPlayer (link below).


#3 Fire breathing dragon - Can you make your own fire breathing dragon? Use the pictures below as inspiration.


#4 Super Powers - Zog's 'super power' is being able to fly. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? Once you have thought carefully about your super power I would like you to have a go at drawing your own superhero outfit and label the different features. For example you might have laser beams in your gloves or secret wings hidden in your bag! What would your super hero name be?


#5 Castle - Can you design a castle to protect a princess? You could make a 2D picture using different paper shape cut outs, you could make a 3D model using building blocks that you already have or you could try using junk boxes out of your recycling. Once you have made your castle, try and name the 2D/3D shapes that you have used and describe it's properties, such as "it's a square and it has 4 sides" or "it's a cyclinder and it has 2 circle faces".

Musical statues - Set 1
Musical statues - Set 2
Fire breathing dragon
Super powers

The Very Busy Spider


Week 7 - Hello Reception, here are you 5 challenges for this week. Keep up the fantastic work!yes


#1 Maths - This week on White Rose Maths you need to access Summer Term - Week 3 and all the activities are based on the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. There are 5 activities, try and complete 1 a day (Link and story below).


#2 Shoot the sound - Make the most of this weeks sunshine with phonics outdoors. Stick/write either set 1 or 2 sounds, which are written on the picture below (depending on where you child is up to in phonics) on a wall, you say a sound and your child has to find and shoot the sound as fast as they can. Challenge them to think of a word containing the specific sound. They could use a water pistol, a nerf gun, a spray bottle or just use a paint brush and water to shoot the sound once they have found it. Start with 5 sounds and increase when they get faster at recognising. 


#3 Musical instrument - Make your own musical instrument using recyclable materials and perform your favourite song.


#4 Car racing - Create a ramp using different materials and roll a small car or vehicle down the ramp to see how far it can travel. Create a number line along the floor to see which vehicle travels the furthest. Challenge your child to then measure the distance the car travels by using different objects such as pencils/coins/stones etc.


#5 VE Day - On Friday 8th May it will be the 75th anniversary of VE Day, marking the end of the 2nd World War in Europe. Look through the PowerPoint together with your child, discussing throughout. You could look at a few slides each day or do it all at once. Why not celebrate on Friday by having your own family tea party. Allow your child to help with preparations, they could even make their own invitations, menus or flags as decoration. When sharing out the food discuss sharing and halving equally, so that it's fair. (Or your child could role play a tea party with their teddies and pretend food).


Have a wonderful week, I look forward to seeing what learning you have all be doingsmiley


Shoot the sound
Sound mat
Musical instruments
Car ramp - measuring distnace
Tea party

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Week 6 - Hello Reception, I hope you had a fantastic week last week and made the most of the gorgeous sunshine. Here are you 5 challenges for this week:


#1 Maths - This week on White Rose Maths you need to access Summer Term - Week 2 and all the activities are based on the story 'The Night Pirates'. There are 5 activities, try and complete 1 a day (Link and story below).


#2 Message to your friends - I know your little ones are missing their friends so much, so I thought it would be nice to write messages to one another. Ask your child to write a message or draw a picture for their friend, take a photo of them holding their message and add it to Tapestry. I will share all the messages at the end of the week. Please don't worry or change it, if your child doesn't everything correctly, as long as they have tried with their phonics to sound out the words it doesn't matter! (Parent's please note if you do add your child's picture with their message, you are giving permission for me to share it with our other parents/children on Tapestry)


#3 Happy box - Use an empty food/present/shoe box to create a 'Happy box'. Start by talking about being happy, what makes you happy, make happy faces together, draw smiley faces. Ask your child what 4 things they would put in their box e.g. a toy, a special pebble, a photo of a relative and talk about why they have chosen those specific items. Decorate the outside of the box so everyone knows whose happy box it is.


#4 Nature bracelet - Before you go on your daily exercise or walk, carefully wrap a piece of sellotape loosely around your child's wrist, so the sticky side is facing up. As you walk, talk about what you can see and ask them to collect some of nature to add to their bracelet e.g. flowers, grass, leaves etc. Talk about the importance of nature and only picking flowers that are already on the ground. Can they make a pattern or find something for every colour of the rainbow?


#5 Doctor phonics - Using a teddy and some plaster (if you can spare them, if not you can use masking tape or normal sellotape and paper), ask your child to read the word written on the plaster and add it to the correct body part on the teddy. Choose words from set 1 or 2 (picture of lists below) depending on where your child is up to in their phonics /reading.


I look forward to seeing how you all get on with the challengessmiley

Happy Box
Nature Bracelet
Doctor phonics

The Night Pirates


**An important reminder to all parents**

I just want to remind and reassure you all that you’re doing an amazing job, don’t stress, you’ve got this. Your children are safe, happy and looked after and that’s because of you!!

Week 5 - Here are your 5 challenges for this week:


#1 Maths - As of this week we will be following the maths home learning from White Rose Maths, starting with Summer Term - Week 1. This is updated weekly with 5 activities, 1 to be done each day. The activities are fun and engaging and based on a new book each week, this week it is 'SUPERTATO' which is one of our class favourites. (Link & story below)


#2 Read the story 'Lucy's Lockdown' - This is a lovely story about all the different emotions a child may be experiencing during lockdown and it's an opportunity to explore them and talk to your child about how they may be feeling. (Document below)


#3 Paper aeroplanes - Make a paper aeroplane, see how far it will fly and measure the distance its travels using steps. Why not have a competition with someone in your family, using two paper aeroplanes, whose can travel the furthest?


#4 Puppet show - Ask your child to put on their own puppet show using some of their favourite toys. Can they make their own tickets, poster, refreshments and snacks for the show? 

Challenge - Make your own puppets using paper and sticks.


#5 I Spy - Using the I Spy picture below, see if your child can identify 6 different objects. Depending on where your child is up to with their phonics, do one of the following:

*Identify the initial sound of the objects e.g. 'd for dog' and have a go at writing the letter.

*Using their phonics write a list of the 6 objects that they find e.g. bus, cat

*Using their phonics write a list of the 6 objects that they find and then choose two of the words to write a sentence about e.g. 'The pig is pink and fat.' (Document below)



White Rose Maths
Puppet Show
Lucy's Lockdown



Week 4 - I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and the Easter Bunny brought you some treats!

Here are your 5 challenges for this week:


#1 Treasure map - Hide your favourite teddy somewhere in your house or outside and draw a treasure map for someone in your family to find it.

Extra challenge: Can you write some clues to help your family find the treasure? 

(I hid my little teddy 'Cooper' in the garden and they still haven't found him)!!


#2 Time challenges - Find a timer in your house, this could be on your Mummy's or Daddy's phone, an egg timer or a stopwatch and let the challenges commence. Can you beat my score?

  • How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?
  • How many times can you write your name in 1 minute?
  • How many T-shirts can you put on in 1 minute?
  • How long does it take you to find 3 green objects from around your house?


Why not film yourself completing the challenges or take a picture showing your results like mine and post onto Tapestry.


#3 Shadow drawing - All you need is a piece of paper, a toy, a pen and a little bit of sunshine.

Put your piece of paper on the floor outside and place your toy on the edge of the paper so that it casts a shadow onto the paper. Now using your pen draw around the outline of the shadow and then add your own details to your picture (it's as easy as that).


How about you leave your toy and drawing where it is, come back to it an hour later and see how the shadow has changed and moved.


#4 Floating and sinking - When you're out enjoying the sunshine in your paddling pool or having your evening bath, gather together a collection of different objects (wooden block, a penny, rubber duck etc) and find out which ones float and sink. Make a prediction first and then test it out. 


#5 Playdough - Follow the recipe below to make your own playdough. Once your playdough is just right, with your grown-up look through your kitchen cupboards to see what tools/equipment you have to help you create something amazing. E.g. a rolling pin, cutters, cake cases, a spoon, a potato masher etc.


I look forward to seeing all your posts on Tapestrysmiley


Well done to those who completed the Easter Egg challenge on Purple Mash, they are fantastic!


Week 3 - I hope you're all staying safe and had a lovely week/weekend with your families.

Here are your 5 challenges for this week:


#1 Have a go at some yoga. 'Cosmic Kids' on Youtube have lots of videos to try out and enjoy. Why not challenge yourself to do it once a day, it is very good for your brain and body. 


#2 Easter Egg competition - Log onto 'Purple Mash' with your individual login and I have set you a '2-do'. You've got to decorate an Easter Egg using lots of different colours and patterns, all entries will be posted on the school website for everyone to see. 


#3 Listen to the tricky word song on Youtube (remember you can't sound out tricky words, we've just got to practice recognising them). Once you have listened and joined in with the song, try writing the words into shaving foam or flour. Can you orally put the tricky words into a sentence? E.g. I can go up the hill.


#4 Go on a shape hunt around your house and create collections of different shapes that you've found. Can you name the shapes and describe it's properties e.g. it has four sides etc. Challenge yourself to find 3D shapes if you think you can.


#5 Rainbow colour mixing experiment - Become a scientist for the day and follow the instructions below. What happens to the colours? What new colours can you see? What two colours make another colour?


Stay Home Superhero

A lovely little story to put those curious little minds at ease.


Can you be a stay home superhero and create your own superhero costume?

Week 2 - 1 week down, you've got this! Here are your 5 challenges to complete this week.


#1 Can you create a repeating pattern using toys/objects from around your house. Remember a repeating pattern can be colours, shapes, size, sounds...anything.

         Example - car, teddy, car, teddy, car, teddy.....

                          Large, medium, small, large, medium, small.....


#2 Can you make a video of something you're really good at, what makes you special?

                Can you bounce really high on the trampoline?

                Can you sing or dance?

                Can you ride your bike without stabilisers?

    "I am really good at......"


#3 Can you make a boat using tinfoil and test how many coins it can hold without sinking? Can your boat hold more coins than your Mummy's or Daddy's boat?

       Extension - Can you find other objects from around the house to put in your boat and  estimate how many it will hold before it sinks? E.g. crayons


#4 Can you make a rainbow using different materials and put it in your window for all of your neighbours to see and put a smile on their faces? #staysafe


#5 Sign up to Oxford Owl and enjoy 100's of free ebooks. Choose one that your Mummy or Daddy can read to you and one that you can read to them (remember we can always make up our own stories based on the pictures).


Enjoy, relax and have lots of fun! I can't wait to see your pictures and video'ssmiley


A guide to uploading observations to Tapestry


Read Write Inc. Phonics have created lots of free resources to help your child continue their learning during these unprecedented times, including eBooks, practice sheets, slideshows, videos, and parent films. Please do not fear, you don't have to be a phonics expert, this is just an opportunity for your child to revisit prior learning and stay in touch with the Speed Sounds. 


All resources are in sets so please ask your child which teacher they have currently for phonics to match the set speed sounds. Miss Renwick - Set 1 Mrs Collier - Set 1 Miss Sharples - Set 2 Mrs Vickers/Mrs Holden - Set 2/Set 3 (If your child is unsure please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible). Knowing which group your child is in will also enable you to choose an ebook at their appropriate level.


The practice sheets don't need to be printed, they can be looked at online and then your child can practice their writing in the workbooks that got sent home. 


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. smiley


Week 1 - Here are your challenges for the remainder or the week. Next week you will have 5 challenges to complete. 


#1 Before we finished school we were learning all about money. Can you and your grown-up's make your own snack shop, add price tags to the snacks and find loose change around your house that you can use to pay for your snacks throughout the day. 

Can you remember the names of the different coins?

Can you use the coins to make different amounts?

How do you pay for something that is 4p?


#2 Can you draw a picture of your family and label it? You could even write a sentence about what fun things you have been up to on your first week off.


We miss you all already so please don't forget to update us with what you are doing and pictures of you completing your challenges on Tapestry. smiley

Good morning Reception, over the coming days/weeks I will be posting a variety of fun activities and challenges for you to complete at home, so keep an eye on here and on Tapestry. Whilst I'm in the process of creating these for you, here is a list of free websites you can use;

Here is a link to Phonics Play:

For free access use the Username: march20 and Password: home

Here is the link for you child to access Purple Mash from home: 

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE NAUGHTY BUS? He's in Antarctica! As it is very cold in Antarctica, this week we have done lots of investigating with ice. We have talked about the changes that occur to ice and conducted our own little science experiment. Whilst learning about the animals that live in Antarctica we found out that many of them have something called blubber to keep them warm. So we filled two bowls with ice cold water, one hand was covered by blubber and the other not. We soon learnt why blubber is necessary for animals to survive.

This week the Naughty Bus has travelled all the way to China to celebrate Chinese New Year. To help us learn about the celebration we each made our own Chinese lantern, in their lucky colour of red and tasted some Chinese foods. Some of us even tried using chopsticks.

Today we received a postcard from the Naughty Bus telling us that he had gone on an adventure. After listening carefully to his clues we figured out that he had gone all the way to Madagascar. This lead us to explore the types of animals that he might see and what it is like in the Jungle. Take at look at some of our amazing artwork. Where will the Naughty Bus go next?

The focus for this half term is the book 'The Naughty Bus'. This week we have enjoyed reading and re-telling the story and we even got to go on a bus.

As Christmas is fast approaching, this week we have been reading the story 'The Jolly Postman' and have written Christmas wish lists to Santa. We also learnt about the journey of a letter. To top off our wonderful week we went on a little trip to our local post box to post our own letters, in a hope that they arrive to Santa in time.

Kindness Potion: A full cup of kindess, half a cup of sharing, a nearly full cup of helpfulness, half a cup of laughter and a sprinkle of love.

Is there any room on the broom...?

Today we made our very own bird feeders to put in the mud kitchen and in our gardens at home, as we have been learning all about hibernation and how animals struggle to find food during the winter months.

This week we have been learning all about Bonfire Night and have done lots of creative activities based on the celebration.

We have loved dressing up and taking on the role of different occupations during our independent learning time.

Today was the start of our real life superheros week. During the week we will be focusing on the important jobs of people who help us in our community. Today we had a visit from a Dentist who helped us understand the importance of a brushing our teeth and a healthy diet.

This week we have been learning all about healthy eating. We thought very carefully about what makes something 'healthy' or a 'treat'. We then decided to make our own healthy snack, so we each made a fruit kebab. We even tried some fruits we had never tried before such as Mango.

Following on from our superhero topic, this week we have been reading the story 'Supertato'. Our learning challenges were to create our own 'Supertato's' and make a trap to capture the 'Evil Pea', we had lots of fun.

This week we have been learning all about 'Superheros'. When we arrived at school on Monday morning there was a letter from the 'Avengers' explaining that they needed our help to save Spider-Man. They set us some challenges that we needed to complete in order to save him. We had to find as many supervillians outside as we could, make our own superhero capes, take part in superhero training and follow the clues to save Spider-Man.

What a great first few weeks we have had in reception. The children have explored their new classroom and made lots of new friends!