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Hello Reception!


If you are isolating then I have uploaded some work underneath that you can be doing at home:


Here is an e-mail that has been set up for you if you are struggling with anything then please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail and I will do my best to help you!


Miss Sharples. 


Choose an eBook to share with your child from the 'Oxford Level 1: Sound blending' section.



Day 1: Representing 4 (session 1)


Day 2: Representing 5 (session 2)


Day 3: Sorting 4 & 5 (session 3)


Day 4: Composition of 4 (session 4)


Day 5: Composition of 5 (session 5)


Day 6: Composition of 4 & 5 (session 6)


Day 7: Arrangements of 4 & 5 cubes (session 7)


Day 8: One Elephant went out to play (session 8)



Choose an eBook to share with your child from the 'Oxford Level 1: Lilac' section.



Day 1: Just Like Me - Week 2 (session 1)


Day 2: Just Like Me - Week 2 (session 2)


Day 3: Just Like Me - Week 2 (session 3)


Day 4: Just Like Me - Week 2 (session 4)


Day 5: Just Like Me - Week 2 (session 5)


Day 6: Just Like Me - Week 3 (session 1)


Day 7: Just Like Me - Week 3 (session 2)


Day 8: Just Like Me - Week 3 (session 3)


A guide for parents - What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Brush Bus- Supervised Tooth Brushing

We are implementing the Brush Bus tooth brushing scheme in our EYFS in order to increase exposure to fluoride among the children at our school.  We are participating in this scheme and we are incorporating tooth brushing into our daily routines and use it as part of the curriculum.


Regular daily brushing with family fluoride toothpaste is highly effective in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Good oral hygiene practice needs to be established at an early stage in life and become an integral part of normal daily hygiene. 


Let's work together to promote good oral health for our children! 

Here is the link for you child to access Purple Mash from home: