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Year Two

Hello Year 2!


As you may already know schools are re-opening for certain year groups but not ours - this is so that we can all keep as safe as possible! yes


So for the next 7 weeks I am going to be making you a work pack to do at home including 5 different activities for Maths, English and Reading. I have wrote the days on each activity to make it easier for you to understand and I have also given you examples on the sheets to help with your learning smiley


**The work packs are going to be printed out and will be available for you to collect from school at the start of every week OR if you are not able to do this then I will be attaching a copy on here for you too** 


I miss you all very much and would love to see any work that you have completed.

Here is an e-mail that has been set up for you to send pictures to me of any work that you have done: 


If you are struggling with anything then please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail and I will do my best to help you!


(If you feel that the workpack is too easy for your child then use year 3's and if it is too hard then use year 1's) - again you can e-mail me if you are unsure about this.


Miss Buchanan. 


Monday 25th May 2020 - Friday 29th May 2020



Continuing with multiplication to consolidate your learning from last week! Have a go at each activity every day along with your English activity. Friday is for your reading task.


Have a go at each activity every day along with your Maths. Friday is for your reading activity!

The theme this week is PIRATES.


Worksheet 1: Use your phonics to label the picture. Then, use your phonics again to write sentences about the pirate. Don't forget to make your writing interesting e.g. use adjectives to describe him!


ALL other worksheets have checklists for you to use at the top! yes



Read the text and answer the questions.

IF you have any pirate books at home read those too AND ask an adult if you can watch a pirate film with them this week smiley

Text and questions


I hope you remembered all of the countries and capital cities of the UK. I wonder who also remembered the surrounding oceans? Tricky stuff!


This week we are going to learn about the oceans and continents of the world! Take a look at these two songs that I LOVE to help you to learn them:


I'll be quizzing you on these when we are back in school wink

Seven Continents Song

Five Oceans Song

Have a great week - miss you all very much!

Monday 18th May 2020 - Friday 22nd May 2020


First of all I would like to say well done to Graice, Connor and Jake H that have all completed my TT Rockstars challenge! I have played you all back laugh Is anybody going to beat my score?!

Remember you can send your own challenges to your friends too!



For Maths this week I want you to follow the White Rose Hub lessons again watching the video and completing the activities:


Lesson 1: Multiplication sentences using the x symbol

Lesson 2: Use arrays

Lesson 3: The 2 times-table

Lesson 4: The 5 times-table

Lesson 5: Friday Maths Challenge!

I want you to recap SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) this week. You have 9 different tasks to do that should be super quick and easy if you use my help below:

Task 1: Conjunctions e.g. I like it when it is sunny. 
Task 2: Suffixes go at the end of words e.g happy = happier (spelling rule drop the y and add i). 
Task 3: Conjunctions again. 
Task 4: Suffixes again remembering the spelling rule above.
Task 5: Past tense = already happened. Add the suffix ‘ed’ or change the word completely e.g. playing = played, running = ran
Task 6: Verb = a doing word. Something that you do e.g run, walk, play. 
Task 7: A question is when you ask somebody something and use a ‘?’ question mark at the end e.g. What time is it? 
Task 8: Contractions shorten words using an apostrophe e.g. did not = didn

Task 9: Remember what sentences need - capital letters and punctuation. Read the sentences carefully!




I hope you're reading lots at home!! Pick at least 3 of the options below to have a go at:


Can you remember the 4 countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities?

Which country do we live in?


Use the PowerPoint below to remind yourself and find out lots of facts and information about the UK; then have a go at filling out the map!


CHALLENGE: Can you remember the surrounding oceans of the UK? If not, research and find it out. Then add it to your map yes



Coach Louise has put lots of dance videos up on the website for you to copy and join along!

Check them out below:


Monday 11th May 2020 - Friday 15th May 2020



Hopefully you learnt lots from White Rose Hub last week because that is going to help you with your work this week! Here are your Maths activities - try to do at least one a day!


First sheet: Fact families - remember we always use the same 3 numbers but arrange them in a different order.

TIP: Biggest number always comes last when adding, biggest number always comes first when subtracting e.g.

4 + 5 = 9

5 + 4 = 9

9 - 4 = 5

9 - 5 = 4


Third sheet: It's nothing new! - If I know that 2 + 1 = 3 then 20 + 10 = 30


Same for subtracting - If I know that 3 -2 = then 30 - 20 = 10



Worksheet 1: Try to use conjunctions this time to make your sentences better e.g.


The girl was thirsty because she was in a hot desert. 


Worksheet 2: Remember instructions go in order - use adverbs of time to help with this e.g.

First, you need....



After that,



AND don't forget your imperative verbs (bossy!!) walk, run, drink, stand, touch etc.


Worksheet 3: Remember to use rhyming words like you did last week! This time you are using the same sentence to start every time e.g.


I can see the sky but it is very dry,

I can see yellow sand all over the land.


Worksheet 4: When you are warning somebody you need to use an exclamation mark like you're shouting e.g.


Be careful!

Don't go near the vicious snakes because they might bite you!



Read the text and answer the questions:

Questions and text



I have set lots of things to do on Purple Mash that some children haven't completed yet. If your child has lost their log in for Purple Mash or TT Rockstars please ring school!


Have a nice week! smiley


Monday 4th May 2020 - Friday 8th May 2020


Hello Year 2 missing you lots!! Hope you liked our 'keep safe' picture that we all made for you and the rest of the school! 🌈



This week we are going to be learning about fact families and recapping adding and subtracting using the White Rose website, I want you to click on:


Lesson 1 - Fact families addition and subtraction bonds to 20

Lesson 2 - Compare number sentences

Lesson 3 - Related facts

Lesson 4 - Add and subtract ones

Lesson 5 - Challenge!


Make sure you play the video first and then click on the activity to the righthand side (the answers are underneath!)

Also I want you to recap your 2, 5 and 10 time tables using the singing walrus songs; bet you're missing these! laugh

Counting in 2s | The Singing Walrus

Count by fives | The Singing Walrus

Count 10-100 | The Singing Walrus


Here are some more activities for you to have a go at this week, try and complete at least 1 a day!


Worksheet 1: Try to use adjectives and adverbs to make your sentences better e.g.


The children are playing at the beach = boring!


The young children are playing nicely at the beautiful, sunny beach.


Worksheet 2: List sentences use commas to separate each item and then the word 'and' for the last thing you are listing e.g.


I have been doing some gardening, cookingcleaning and excerising


Worksheet 3: Try to use some rhyming words (words that end with the same sound) e.g.


Next to the lighthouse was a boat that could float


Worksheet 4: A video to explain question marks: 


Read the text and answer the questions:

Questions and text


As you may already know, VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) is on Friday 8th May! I want you to create your own Union Jack flag on purple mash which I have set as a 2 do for you or if you can't access this click on the links below to use or copy to put up in your windows/house/door/garden: 

Here is an invitation and time table to celebrate VE Day at home (remember social distancing rules and keep safe - have fun!!):


Monday 27th April 2020 - Friday 1st May 2020



Your Maths activities this week are all about money!

Recap yourself on money using these bitesize videos first then have a go at the worksheets:


Lots of different English activities to keep you as 'busy as bees' this week! All about mini beasts, life cycles and exercising. They have the day above each task but just work through as many as you can smiley


Read the text and answer the questions:



Hope you have learnt lots about Christopher Columbus!


Here is a time line that I want you to have a look at - can you add any other significant events to this timeline that we have learnt about? 



- Karl Benz made the first car

- Great Fire of London

- Mary Seacole died

- Queen Elizabeth II born

- Dinosaur's became extinct

- When you were born



Monday 20th April 2020 - Friday 24th April 2020



Hello Year 2 laugh This week we are going to be learning about measurements. Continuing with the White Rose website, I want you to click on:


Summer term week 1:

Lesson 3 - Measure length (cm)

Lesson 4 - Measure length (m)


Summer term week 2:

Lesson 1 - Compare lengths

Lesson 2 - Order lengths

Lesson 3 - Four operations with length


Extra challenge: Lesson 4 - Problem solving

I also want you to have a go at the questions underneath as a recap on some of our maths skills - just like when we do our maths starters on the carpet in class! laugh

RECAP (scroll >>>> for answers)


I want you to have a go at the questions below:

- Recapping our use of subordinating conjunctions (TWIB - that, when, if, because).

- Adjectives (describing words e.g. she has brown hair - describing her hair colour.

- Commands (telling somebody to do something - being bossy!!) 


CHALLENGE - Write 3 sentences of your own using a conjunction and an adjective in each one! 


Example: The sad girl started to cry when she fell off her bike. 

Scroll through for the answers!

Art and craft:

You may have heard in the news recently that Captain Tom has been doing a walk to raise money for the NHS. It is going to be his birthday soon on 30th April and he is going to be 100!! Can you remember what happens when you turn 100?


I want you to make him a card to say Happy Birthday!

Here is his address and some examples to help you:



This term we are going to be learning about Christopher Columbus who was a famous explorer! 

I want you to do some research on him and write down as many facts as you can. 


Here is a link that is very useful:

And our knowledge organiser that will help too!


Monday 13th April 2020 - Friday 17th April 2020

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and ate LOTS of chocolate (like I did laugh). 


Well done to Elliot for his lovely Easter poem - it was so nice to be able to see your work!

Remember the deadline is today (Monday) to get yours done. 



Quick recap on fractions to see what you have learnt about halving:


Also, I am still waiting for some children to complete my challenge on TT Rockstars (scroll down to see video of how to access my challenge). In the mean time here are some TT Rockstars sheets for you all to complete.

Challenge - time yourself and see how long it takes you!



Fractions recap
5 times tables (multiplication)
5 times tables (division)


Read the text and see if you can spot any spelling mistakes (remember homophones from last week - don't be tricked!). 


Watch the video below. Pause the film in various places and ask key questions:-

  • Why is the boy scared to go down the slide?
  • What is the creator/writer trying to tell us?
  • What is the main character scared of /nervous about?
  • Did the slide end where you thought it would?
  • What did the boy have to overcome in order to get out?​

Adventures are the Pits

A reluctant boy gets more than he asked for in a ball pit. Will he conquer his fears to escape the adventure he finds himself in?


I want you to now write your own adventure story - imagine your slide can end anywhere - where would it end? Describe opening your eyes at the end of the slide - where are you?


Examples for different settings could be: 



Read the text and answer the questions (this also gives the spelling answers for the task above!):

Also, I have set you a 2do on PurpleMash again (check your alerts). Your task this week is to write a book review about any book that you have read since we left school - tell me about the characters, the setting, what you liked about it and what you didn't like about it - I can't wait to hear all about it!


Remember if you have done anything else on PurpleMash that you would like me to see click on the 3 lines on the left hand side, press save, click on Year2 Cohort2017, write in your name and it will send to me!



For our last week of looking at materials I want you to find out all about RECYCLING. What is recycling? Why is recycling important? 

Here are some links of useful videos to help you:


Don't throw any of your recycled materials away this week because you are going to make a robot out of your recycled materials! Take a look on Google to give yourself some inspiration! 

What is your robot going to be called?


Good luck and have fun! smiley



Monday 6th April 2020 - Friday 10th April 2020



Hope you're getting the hang of fractions! We are onto week 2 now.


You should see:

Lesson 1: Recognise a third

Lesson 2: Find a third

Lesson 3: Unit fractions

Lesson 4: Non-unit fractions

Lesson 5: Equivalence of a half and 2 quarters


Extra challenge: This is the end of fractions now and we will be doing something different for Maths next week so if you want to do lesson 1 and lesson 2 on week 3 too to ensure you've learnt everything you need to know about fractions that would be great! :)


Spellings - read the sentence and think about which homophone is correct (don’t forget your beautiful joining handwriting for every piece of writing you do!)

Homophone = 2 or more words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have a different meaning. 

It's almost Easter!!

I have set you all a task on PurpleMash to complete under the '2do' section - your task is to create an Easter poem or poster (your deadline is to send it in before next Monday which is Easter Monday!)


If you can't get onto PurpleMash for whatever reason then just create one on a piece of paper and show me when we are back in school smiley

I can't wait to see them - I might even share some of them onto the website for others to see :)


Thank you to Jai who has already done me a lovely picture on PurpleMash - remember any work that you have done just send it over to me and I will leave a comment back on it! 





Read the text all about Easter and then answer the questions. I have put 2 texts up (the second one is slightly harder so you can either do both or have a go at the one you feel most confident with - use an adult to help if needed!)


IF your child does phonics please stick with the phonics scheme (see last week's post for more information)

Art and craft:

I found this that you might like to have a go at since it’s Easter 🐣 


Can you follow these instructions to make your own sock bunny? 

Good luck and enjoy!


Continuing with materials - I want you to go on a local walk with an adult and see if you can point to as many different materials as you can thinking about their properties (but make sure that you are safe and don't touch anything!) 

Here are some word mats to help you:


Monday 30th March 2020 - Friday 3rd April 2020


Hello, I hope you have all had a nice weekend! 

Here are your activities for this week:


This week we will be learning about fractions for the first time so to help you with this use this website and click on week 1 (we will do week 2 next week so please don’t rush through this!)


You should see:

Lesson 1: Equal parts

Lesson 2 and 3: Half

Lesson 4 and 5: Quarter


Do one lesson every day looking at the video first and then the activity sheet afterwards (use the answer sheet to check and mark your answers). 


Handwriting and spelling practise (don't forget to join!):

This week I want you to write a diary every day telling me what you have done - don't forget the date and your beautiful handwriting! 

Here is a checklist of what to include and an example to help you:



Read the text and then answer the questions - there are 5 to do in total (one a day).

Slide > for the answers

If your child does phonics then please use this website instead. Ask your child which set sounds they do and there is a new video every day for them to watch and interact with just like we would teach it in school.


Mrs Collier - Set 1

Miss Sharples - Set 2

Mrs Vickers/Mrs Holden - Set 2/3 

Miss Ebdon - Set 3


Also, you can pick an e-book to match the sound that they are doing too for them to read at home!


Mrs Collier - Red ditties/Red band

Miss Sharples - Red band/support with green books

Mrs Vickers/Mrs Holden - Orange band / Pink

Miss Ebdon - Blue band / Yellow 


Hopefully you have learnt lots about materials already from your learning packs so you are now going to have a go at an experiment! 

I want you to make predictions about which material would be the most absorbent and why?

Then find out the answer! 




Here is a list of free websites you can use to help with your children! I highly recommend the Joe Wicks and Read Write Inc one :)

A structured time table I found that you can use every day 😀 - the children love the website Go Noodle!


TT Rockstars Challenge Task

Still image for this video

Friday 27th March 2020


It's my brother's birthday today so I've decided I'm going to bake some brownies - you know how much I love chocolate cheeky

I want you to bake/cook something today with an adult (using anything you have got in your houses). It could even be something as simple as making some toast! When you have done this I want you to write some instructions telling me the steps of what you did.


Don't forget to use adverbs of time for each step: First, Second....

and imperative verbs which are bossy - like me! wink 

Thursday 26th March 2020


I hope you have all been enjoying the sun! I miss you all very much and hope to see you soon!


For today's task I have split it into two groups because some children weren't in when we did this lesson and I want to give them the opportunity to have a go now :)


Group 1) If you weren't in school then you are going to draw a self-portrait of yourself today! 

Use this guidance to help:

TIP: Use a mirror to look at yourself.

Group 2) You have already done a self-portrait so your task is to try and draw a portrait of the Queen today! Remember to use the steps above to help.

Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to see them all when you're back in school! 

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Today you are going on a shape hunt! For every 2D and 3D shape you see in your house and/or garden make a tally chart (see video to remind yourself of a tally chart). 

Extra challenge: Can you name all of the shapes?

Tally Charts - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - This video shows how to create and record data in a tally chart.

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good morning Year 2!


I miss you all already!

As promised, I will be setting a task for you to do every day on our website page so keep an eye out!


First task to complete:

Pick 5 words from our Year 2 Spellings and write a sentence using each one (5 sentences in total). 


Also, I have sent you all a challenge on TT Rockstars for you to complete in your own time - let’s see who can beat me! 😀


Miss Buchanan


We are still keeping the positivity here at Castle Hill. Yesterday we had a tea party for the Queen and we absolutely loved it! Unfortunately the Queen couldn't attend but she did write us a letter and 'sent us some lovely gifts to use for our tea party'. Take a look!

We have shown that we understand others by making birthday cards for a poorly boy called Rhys who lives in Bolton. We hope it made you smile Rhys! :)