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Year Three

Here is a link to allow your child to access TT Rockstars at home:

Here is the link for you child to access Purple Mash from home: 

Welcome to Year 3 2020. 


We're over the moon to be back in school and the children have settled in to their new class really well!!

In the event of our bubble having to isolate I will be adding a two week block of home learning onto the website for the children to access. You can also find links to the websites at the top of the page. Additionally, hard copies of the home learning can be obtained from school. If you have any questions or need any help with anything then please e-mail me at:  


Week 1 Spellings. You can also access a powerpoint, these activities and more on the Curriculum Visions website.

Week 1 handwriting. This week you will practise descenders. Descenders don't have long tails, they go half way down the line underneath and the body is still half the size of the line.

Addition and subtraction Knowledge Organiser

Maths week one is addition. Each day you will have a powerpoint and a worksheet to work through. Each documaent is labelled for your group; purple, blue, green and red. There is also a challenge each day for to have a go at.

Week 1 day 1 Grammar is all about imperative verbs. This will also help you when you write your instructions. There is a powerpoint for you to read through.

Week 1 day 2 Grammar is all about adjectives. There is a fun Quiz for you to complete. This will help you with your worksheet

Week 1 writing is for you to write a recipe for Stone Age Stewed Fruit. I have included a powerpoint which tells you all about writing instructions. You also have your steps to success for you to use whislt you are writing to check that you have added the features of instructions.

Week 1 day 1 comprehension. You have two comprehensions to do. Again these are labelled with your group colour. These are exactly the same as we do in class. Some will have extra grammar attached and some won't. The comprehensions that are from Twinkl you will see they have stars at the bottom of the page. Blue group you are to complete the 1 star comprehensions and purple group the 2 star comprehensions. If you are up for a challenge then you could try the 3 star comprehensions.

Week 2 handwriting. This week you look at ascenders. Ascenders touch the top of the line and the body is still half way up the line.

Week 2 maths day 1. This wek we will be learning subtraction. Again look through the powerpoint and answer the questions on the worksheet. These are labelled with your group colour. Don't forget you can access videos to accompany these lessons on the White Rose Home Learning website.

Week 2 day 1 grammar. Todays Grmmar is all about adverbs. There is a powerpoint for you to look through to remind you how to identify adverbs.

Week 2 day 2 Grammar. Here is a link for the Curriculum Visions website where you can find useful information and activites about conjunctions (and more grammar such as adverbs) The link is also at the top of Year 3 web page with the log in details. To access the page log in, select english then year 3 grammar. You will be given a list of different grammar activites.

Week 2 writing. I want you to write a non-chronological report about Stone Age Cave Paintings. We have already written a report about The Stone Age and this will be the same but only write facts about cave piantings. I have included some information about cave paintings for you to read and gather information from. You can also access this on the Curriculum Visions website by clicking on History and choosing the Stone Age book. You will be able to read through the book online. Your steps to success is included and a writing frame.

Week 2 day 1 comprehension. Blue and purple, your text from twinkl has three levels. I want blue to comlete the text with 1 star and purple to complete the text with 2 stars. If you want to challenge yourself you can try the text with 3 stars.

Here is your Stone Age knowledge organiser

This term we would be learning all about the Stone Age. Read through this power point that is an introduction to the Stone Age and gives you lots of information.

Read through the power point and there is a timeline activity for you to complete. Put the time cards in chronological order.

Stone Age homes. Have a look through the powerpoint and design your very own Stone Age home.

Learn all about Stone Age (Prehistoric animals) Have a look through the powerpoint to find out lots of interesting informatio. You can then write a factfile about them. There is also a word search, colouring sheets and a Wooly Mammoth model for you to make. Enjoy!!

I have included lots of shirt grammar practise for you. You can access these as often as you like. The more you practice the better you will become.



I hve included lots of short maths activites for you to try.

Mini maths activities for green group


Here is some arithmetic for you to practise. I’ve added the answers but try not to look until you’ve had a go. The first two photos are for blue and purple groups the second two are for green

Times Tables Songs 2 to 12 (Kool Kidz) Learn with Fun & Catchy Tunes!

Here are the times table songs that we really enjoyed at the beginning of the year. Sing, sing, sing year 3 😁👍 🎶🎶🎶

Here are some spellings for you to have a go at. These are some of the common exception words that we need to learn to spell by the end of year 3. Ask an adult to test you when you're ready you can always write your score down for me to see when we get back to school. You never know there may be some white stickers if you get them all right!!