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Year Four

Update: 13.07.2020 [see week 7]


Hello year 4! 


Please see attached for the year 4 workpack [includes: maths, English and reading]


If you are unable to access it online (i.e you don't have publisher) then please come into school to collect a hardcopy. We have printed enough for you all (x30), so I would urge you to come into school as it contains vital learning. 


-The work packs will be made available for you from school [reception] at the start of each week. Again, I strongly recommend you use these to your advantage. yes


- I will be making the work packs for the next seven weeks for year 4, and I hope they're of use. smiley


I will be back in school this week, teaching the year 6 class, but if you would like to get in touch with me then see below: 


Have a great week, and I hope to see you all soon. 




Week 10 - 25.05.2020


Before I start, Well done to Feyi, Ugne, Noella and Grace in completing the challenge I set. 


This week the tasks are as follows:

1. Maths - Maths home learning task [see resources]


2. Reading - 'Titanic Disaster' - see text/questions [see picture below] 


3 SPaG - using suffixes [see picture below]


4 - Year 3/4 spelling list [see resources]. Write a story using them key words. 


5 - English - consolidate subordinate conjunctions [see video week 8 and picture below]

Guided reading text - Titanic disaster!

Using suffixes and subordination


Week 9 - 18.05.2020


Hello year 4, 


It seems to be a record breaking week! Read further on to see if you can break some records.


1) Mathematics - 'Timetables Rockstars' - how many times table can you get in a minute? 

See link below, and the sheet attached in the resources.

The attempt must take place in a Studio game

- note there is also a year 4 session for you to complete. 


2)Art - At home? Break a world record drawing with Rob Biddulph. 

21st May, 4- 4.30 PM


See link below:


3) Oxford Owl have an abundance of free reading materials online. Please take a look using the link below:


4)Year 4 arithmetic test [see resources] 


5) Year 4 Spelling 18.05.20 - see video below - suffix -que



Year 4 battle!

Year 4 Spelling 18.05.20 -que


Week 8 - 11.05.2020


Before I start, I just want to say a big thank you to those who sent their pieces of work in. They were great! 


This week I would like you to do the following:


1) Mathematics -

Lesson 1  - multiplying and dividing problem solving

Lesson 2 - perimeter of rectangles 

Lesson 3 - Perimeter of rectilinear shapes 

Lesson 4 - Area (counting squares)


See summer term - week 4 - 11th May


2) English - Subordinate clauses [see video below] and do your own examples. 


3) Reading - see PDF below - fleeing the fire


4) PE - try and keep fit, and watch Joe Wick's YouTube videos. 


5) Try and do some baking [make anything you want - maybe try chocolate brownies?]






English - Subordinate clause KS2 [Year 3/4]

Quick lesson for you to have a go at making sentences with subordinate clauses.


Week 7 - 05.05.2020


Hello again guys, please see your tasks for this week:


1) Mathematics -

Arithmetic test- I need you to check your arithmetic scores (try your best to get above 20/24) 


2) TimesTables - 

A teacher friend of mine has created 'Times Tables Go!' Why not give it a go? And of course it is free to use the app.


3) Guided reading -

Read all about the Viking food and cooking (see page 1), and then answer the questions on page 2 


4) create a thank you message to the NHS - see picture below as a WAGOLL. You can send it over to the schools website page [I would love to see them]


5) Try and get some exercise in. Possibly go for a walk with family; or go on a bike ride. 




Week 6 - 27.04.2020



This week I would like you all to do the following:


1. Maths - see White Rose Hub link below:


The focus this week is on rounding decimals and money, and you will see four lessons: 1. rounding decimals, 2. half and quarters 3. pounds and pence 4. ordering money.

Videos, worksheets and answers are all on the website [free] 


2. Maths - arithmetic test check [see documents pdf]


3. Guided reading - Rainforest calling


4. English - mountain trek


5 - SPaG - homophones - see link below:

Homophones activity

Please use the video as a learning tool.


Week 5 - 20.04.2020


Hi guys, 

This week I would like you all to do the following:


1. Maths - see White Rose Hub link below:

The focus this week is on decimals, and you will see four lessons: 1. Make a whole, 2. write decimals 3. compare decimals and 4. order decimals.

Videos, worksheets and answers are all on the website [free] 


2. English - Alfred The Great [see my WAGOLL]

Find out more about Alfred and what made him so great!


3. Guided reading - Viking myths 


4. Topic - see the knowledge organiser for the summer [you will need to learn the vocabulary]


5 - Chester Zoo have a variety of videos; showing them feeding their animals See link below: [many of them from the rainforest]






Week 4: W.B 13/04/2020

1. Mathematics 

- See maths tasks below [try and complete 1 a day]

- Year arithmetic test [you need to complete 1 a day - the answers are at the back for you to check]

- Times tables []

-Information, resources and links for the daily home maths lessons hosted by Gareth Metcalfe see link below:


2. Reading:

See reading task (make sure you are trying to read everyday)


3. Topic:

See electricity tasks 


4. See celebrity home school lockdown timetable 


5. Space to learn - Free live astronaut at 14:00 on Tuesday the 14th [see picture]





Week 3: W.B 06/04/2020


1. Mathematics - time [see worksheet attached]


2. Guided reading [see pdf]


3. English 'Catch it' [see video of the meerkats and pdf with the worksheets]


4. PE - continue with Joe Wick's physical activity sessions:


5. Topic - find out about the Anglo-Saxons and why they came to Britain (Britannia) see a few links below:





Week 2: W.B 30/03/2020

Hope you've had a lovely week smiley. Hopefully, you are understanding time more [see the giraffe game below as a tester]. This week I would like you all to do the following: 

1. English - See 'catch a lot'. Watch the video first, and then complete the 'catch a lot' pdf worksheets [see below]


2. Guided reading - See stage 4 reading pack (complete one a day)


3. Maths - See homework grid year 4 - Particularly focus on time [digital] 

I know you wanted to have a go at the giraffe time race so here is the link below:


4. PE - Try Joe wick's daily exercise. He lives streams at 9am every weekday


5. Spend time with your family - try some baking, go for a walk or try and compete against them on multiplication check [from week 1]


Hoorah yes




English - 'Catch A Lot'

Check out this entertaining short film called "Catch A Lot". See Catch A Lot KS2 Activity Pack which goes alongside this video.


WEEK 1 - W.B 23/03/2020 

Hello / ola / bonjour / helo [Welsh way] Year 4, smiley


As promised, I will keep this website updated for you to use as a learning tool. 

I will upload a variety of activities you can do at home at least once a week.  This will include: videos, worksheets and website links. 


Remember my saying ‘you don’t use it then you lose it!’enlightened


Really miss you all! Wish I was in school teaching you; as the progress you have all made has made me a super proud teacher.  





Tasks for this week are as follows:

1. Multiplication check

You are expected to get 20 or above out of 25. 

2. Arithmetic test [year 4]

3. Simplifying fractions [see video link]

4. Time- analogue[see video link]

5. English - 'Catch a lot' - watch the video, and then complete the pack. 

Y4 Arithmetic test

Simplifying Fractions To simplify a fraction, divide the top and bottom by the highest number that can divide into both

How to Tell Time [Analogue}

A quick review of our telling time lesson and some practice. Grab a pencil to write the time down or just orally say the time. I hope you find this video useful.


We decided as a class to have a deeper look into an owl’s food chain. We did this by dissecting owl pellets, and it was rather unbelievable on what we found. Please see photos below: P.S a big thank you to the 'Little Owl Farm' in Oldham for supplying the pellets

Our recent displays

Our Topic display - links to Brazil
Our English display-links to the ruins of Pompeii
Every child had a single section to complete
Our English display - based on cliffhanger

Pictures of our trip to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester. The focus was upon the Roman Empire and what they brought to Britannia.

Picture of Blake showing what a Roman soldier would wear.

Walking through the streets of Chester.

Still image for this video
Video: showing us shouting Latin phrases to show we are ready to battle.

For 'Remembrance Day' we made our own ‘Poppy Keyrings’. This was to respect those who had fallen, and to appreciate the peaceful world we live in today.

Our African drumming! Video containing Brandon performing a solo.

Still image for this video
To celebrate black history month from the 1st October to the 31st October; we invited Yugende to teach the year 4 class on how to play the drums.

Welcome back. Can’t wait to get started with my New Year 4 class, and look forward to the year ahead. Mr.Jones


PART 1: Year 4 keeping Bolton clean.

Still image for this video
We teamed up with Bolton at Home to clear the local rubbish. We managed to collect 19 bags full of rubbish. Please see below for some photos of us partaking.

Part 2: We went on a mission with Bolton at Home, to clear up the local streets. What a successful job! [IMAGES]

Year 4's trip to Blackpool Zoo. What a wonderful day out! A huge learning opportunity that coincided with our topic on the animals of the rainforest.

Year 4 have re-told the folk story of Mufaro's Beautiful Daughter. Here is our display:

The Innocent Big Grow: Congratulations to Mia.W and Zakk you will both become our 'pea growers' #Let'sGetGrowing!

Our Favelas! Just wanted to say a big thank you to year 4 for creating the 'real side' of Brazil. Links to our topic on South America.

We have made friends across the water with a school in North America. We have told them all about what we have learnt so far on the rainforest, and of course about our recent trip to the Bolton Museum.

Our rainforest display! Thank you Mrs Tordoff for your vision. We have been focusing on the layers of the rainforest, and looking at the bugs tribes would eat (disclaimer:no bugs were harmed).

Year 4 trip to the Bolton Museum. We have been focusing on rainforests around the world and the animals they contain.

In English, we wrote biographies for The Queen. She even managed to send us a reply. We decided as a class to frame this, and leave it inside our classroom.

Here is a link to allow your child to access TT Rockstars at home:

Here is the link for you child to access Purple Mash from home: